Artificial Intelligence & Intellectual Property

Philippe PRUGNEAU has attended on June 2018 in Brussels at the Representation of the State of North-Rhine Westphalia to the European Union, the 9th GRUR workshop Artificial Intelligence, Robotics & IP – What´s at stake?

Artificial Intelligence is on the rise.

This has legal implications not only for areas like safety and security, liability or contract law but also for intellectual property.

Classical intellectual property is based on the concept of intellectual creation. However, with the increasing use of AI a sole creator (inventor, author, designer etc.) may no longer be discernable. AI may also lead to new problems in the area of competition law due to the emergence of new products and new markets.

Last but not least, the protection of AI related inventions and creations has already created new challenges to the existing IP law.

Together with an overview of current EU initiatives the workshop has provided a useful summary of the state of play for political, legal and academic experts and gave some perspective on future developments.

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