French Provisional Patent Application


Since the enactment of law “PACTE” on July 1st, 2020, it is possible to file a French provisional patent application.

The French provisional patent application is a patent application whose registration procedure is simplified. It is possible to file a provisional patent application with the submission of a technical content (with figures if necessary) and to indicate explicitly that this is a provisional application. Thus, the submission of claims and abstract can be deferred.

This procedure makes it possible to set the date of creation of an invention and the setting of an earlier filing date in a simpler and less costly way. Applicant must pay the filing fee within one month of the filing date.

Within twelve months of the filing date of the provisional application, Applicant may request that his provisional application be transformed into a “regular” patent application by completing the application with all the formal filing requirements and the payment of fee within one month of the filing date of the “regular” patent application for the establishment of a prior art search report.

Otherwise, at the end of the twelve months period, the legal effect of the provisional patent application is void.



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